The 79th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology


Early-Registration has been closed.

1. Collecting Your Badge

Upon completing your early registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Please make a note of your registration number as you will need it if you make any inquiries. At the 79th annual meeting, a QR code badge printing system will be used; badges will not be mailed in advance to early registrants.

The QR code required for your badge will be displayed on your online early registration page. Please print out a copy or download the QR code to your smartphone and bring it with you to the meeting. You will be able to print your badge on the day by presenting the QR code to the badge-printing machine.
Please be sure to wear your badge at all times when inside the venue.
The receipt for your registration fee will be attached to the badge. If you would like a separate receipt, please ask at the reception desk during the conference.

Early Registration My Page

2. Pre-registration for Luncheon Seminar

Tickets for the luncheon seminars (numbered tickets) will not be mailed in advance. You can print them on-site together with the badge by presenting your registration QR code.

3. Change / Cancellation

Please note that cancellations received on or after Saturday, September 9 cannot be accepted for any reason.

4. Documents for Visa Applications

To enter Japan, a visa will be required for certain countries. We recommend checking the information on entry formalities with the Japanese Embassy or the Consulate General in your country.

Guide to Japanese Visas:
Exemption of Visa:

We will issue the necessary documents to the person who have completed early registration. Please contact the Registration Support Office via e-mail, after completing early registration. Following information is required at the first email:

1) Registration ID (mandatory):
2) Abstract Submission ID (if any):
3) Purpose: Participate as a speaker/ a co-author of (main author's name) / a member of co-sponsorship company or an exhibitor of (your company's name) etc.

If you cancel the early registration, the documents will be invalid, and the issued documents should be returned to us immediately. Registration fee will be refunded after receiving the returned documents, according to the cancellation policy in #7.

5. Privacy Policy

Personal information you provide will only be used for services related to the Japanese Society of Hematology and the 79th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology, by the meeting secretariat (Congress Corporation) entrusted with the handling of personal information by the Japanese Society of Hematology.

For inquiries

Registration Support Office of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology
c/o Congress Corporation

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